ProductsVirtualWisdom Overview

As the industry-leading Infrastructure Performance Management solution, the VirtualWisdom® platform is comprised of the VirtualWisdom software and hardware and the SANInsight physical layer access hardware products. The award-winning VirtualWisdom platform provides visibility into real-time performance, health, and utilization metrics throughout the open systems stack. It drives improved performance and availability while lowering the total cost of the infrastructure supporting mission critical applications. VirtualWisdom enables enterprises to monitor, report, trend and diagnose infrastructure performance issues in a vendor agnostic, comprehensive, and non-intrusive way.

Virtual Wisdom Screenshot

The Challenges

IT organizations that manage high levels of complexity in their IT infrastructures require a sophisticated set of capabilities to diagnose and prevent application slowdowns caused by the infrastructure, especially as they migrate from purely physical to virtual and cloud environments. Complexity is driven by the heterogeneity of storage subsystems, host bus adapters (HBAs), operating systems, fabric switches, virtualization platforms, multi-site replication, storage virtualization, and the continued 50% annual growth of data and bandwidth utilization.

VirtualWisdom Benefits

For senior IT managers, VirtualWisdom accelerates enterprise transformation by helping guarantee the benefits of reduced capital expenditures, lower operational costs, and improved business agility promised by server virtualization and the migration to a private cloud infrastructure.

For infrastructure, SAN storage operations, and server managers, VirtualWisdom enables reduced application response time, outages avoidance, and dramatically improved virtual and physical infrastructure performance and utilization.