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The leading analytics platform for Infrastructure Performance Management

Managing Multi-Vendor Complexity

Accelerate your IT intelligence and optimize your complex, multi-vendor IT infrastructure with VirtualWisdom

Infrastructure Performance Management

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Introducing VirtualWisdom4.3

The industry’s leading analytics platform for Infrastructure Performance Management transforms data into answers and actionable insights.

Start with the Best Data

Collect workload-centric data continuously from across your entire infrastructure, regardless of vendor, component type, or equipment generation

Correlate In Real-time

The data is correlated to deliver deep visibility, and then organized so you can see infrastructure interdependencies and metrics in the appropriate context

Analyze to Deliver Insight

Unbiased insights are presented to optimize performance and workload management

wis•dom: The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment

VirtualWisdom applies the years of experience, knowledge, and judgment that we have gained from working with our enterprise customers to provide answers and authoritative insights across your entire infrastructure. As the leading analytics platform for Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM), it correlates and analyzes millions of data points in the context of your environment, providing you answers to your most complex questions and help guarantee application and infrastructure performance.

Over 40 of the Fortune 100 use VI...and counting.

  • VirtualWisdom gives us the visibility we need to pinpoint and resolve problems in real time—and to identify and prevent issues before they turn into problems.

    Martin Lippert, EVP & Head of MetLife Global Technology & Operations
  • Now our teams are able to proactively mitigate risks in our environment by quickly pinpointing the root cause and identifying priority issues so we can address them immediately, before they can have an impact on service delivery.

    Scott Anderson, VP of Compute Services, HP
  • VirtualWisdom allows you to dig in and understand why applications are behaving as they are, and where potential problems lie…we can make strategic investments based on sound performance information.

    Simon Close, Head of Storage, WM Morrisons
  • The VirtualWisdom platform for us means saved dollars down the road.

    Randy Davis, CIO & VP of Support Services

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