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The award winning VirtualWisdom® platform and services provide visibility into real-time performance, health, and utilization metrics throughout the open systems stack. Virtual Instruments drives improved performance and availability while lowering the total cost of the infrastructure supporting mission critical applications."

Four Tenets of the VI product & services strategy

Measure performance in real-time.

1. Capture comprehensive, accurate, and granular metrics 'on the wire' at line-rate.

Monitor system-wide infrastructure.

2. Provide a system-level solution for increasingly unified compute and storage environments.

Drive improved results.

3. Monitoring, Diagnostics, Analytics, and Optimization.

Work at enterprise scale.

4. Meet the performance, reliability, and administrative requirements of the largest enterprises.

VirtualWisdom directly measures and monitors the physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure to provide an unprecedented view into what is happening in real-time. With the VirtualWisdom real-time dashboards and historical trending information, admins can immediately identify and resolve configuration or performance issues. This substantially improves the productivity of the IT team and can save enterprise organizations millions of dollars per year. VirtualWisdom is unique in that it has three different probes to provide a full cross-domain view of the infrastructure. There is the Virtual Server Probe software probe, which collects data from VMWare's vCenter, the SAN Availability Probe software probe, which collects SNMP performance, error, and utilization data from network switches, and the SAN Performance Probe hardware device, which analyzes the Fibre Channel frames for detailed transaction and latency data. Once a problem is found, as defined by an exceeded performance, error, or utilization threshold, an alert is automatically sent to the customer’s management system or directly to the vendor of the failing or failed device.