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Figuring out which storage system is the most cost-effective for your different application workloads has never been easier. Understanding how far your storage investments can stretch and still meet performance requirements should be priority one. What happens when unexpected events occur, when you have not adequately planned for scale? This is where WorkloadWisdom comes in. Regardless of which storage technology you use (FC, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, Object, Cloud), WorkloadWisdom validates workload performance, using your own production workload data, and assures software updates and changes will not degrade your production deployments. WorkloadWisdom will quickly become your most valuable pre-production asset.

WorkloadWisdom helps storage professionals:

  1. Analyze production storage workload profiles by measuring I/O performance
  2. Determine optimal storage systems and configurations for each workload
  3. Identify performance limits under a variety of workload scenarios

WorkloadWisdom Workflow Diagram


What’s New with WorkloadWisdom


Evaluating storage performance has never been easier


WorkloadWisdom has the same powerful features our Load DynamiX Enterprise customers are familiar with wrapped in an updated user interface that simplifies the workload performance testing process. More data and faster access to results across an easy-to-share, collaborative framework for enterprise storage professionals.

Example of imported production application workloads with immediate user visualizations to understand and gain control over workload behaviors and placements directly from SMBv3 workloads.

WorkloadWisdom - Features


Test Performance and Scalability for SAN, NAS, SDS, HCI, Object or Cloud-focused Deployments


test performance and scalability with WorkloadWisdom - screenshot
WorkloadWisdom is a software application that leverages Workload Generators to analyze production storage workloads, model workloads, create what-if testing scenarios, and produce workload performance analytics. WorkloadWisdom allows you to:

  1. Characterize production workload profiles
  2. Create highly realistic workload models
  3. Measure storage I/O Performance
  4. Analyze performance results to optimize your storage infrastructure

The example screen shot below compares latency on Flash targets with various loads to help predict how high performance Flash storage will support application growth.

Evaluating Flash Storage with WorkloadWisdom

Integrated Reporting and Analytics


Analyze performance via simple, customizable graphical output



Analyze performance via simple, customizable graphical outputs. In this screenshot, you can see the variability of the performance of the tested application. WorkloadWisdom collects thousands of metrics every second, analyzes the relevant workload data, and offers extensive charting and reporting capabilities. The most useful results typically include the charts on latency, throughput and IOPS that enable the visual analysis of performance data resulting from different load parameters, access patterns, data content types and configuration changes.

Workload Generators


Drive millions of IOPS from a single device


Our Workload Generators are capable of emulating extreme, complex traffic loads. They offer detailed performance emulation of storage protocols that provide rich, accurate representations of workloads across File, Block and Object / Cloud storage.

Lower your testing costs by unifying storage validation processes with a solution capable of generating millions of IOPS from a single 2U platform.

Consider using our virtual generator, offering an aggregate 4Gbps throughput for fully functional testing on less performance intensive IP networks.


How WorkloadWisdom is Different

WorkloadWisdom offers better insight into how workload behavior affects storage system performance than traditional approaches (including freeware tools), including:

  • Easy-to-use workload acquisition and programmatic modeling
  • The most accurate and realistic workload tests
  • Extreme scalability to simulate worst case scenarios
  • Consistent, repeatable results across time and geography
  • Complete acquisition, modeling, load gen, and reporting solution
  • Professional support to solve your toughest problems

“WorkloadWisdom is like Iometer on steroids! I can test 5 different storage arrays simultaneously, configure a base workload and test it, and then change the attributes on a workload and test again. I’m so much more efficient using WorkloadWisdom – I’ll never go back to freeware tools again.”

Todd Gleason, Storage Manager

“Iometer can give you some scalability from a single host. But you can never get mixed I/Os to create complexity. It doesn’t give you a sense of how your storage works compared to the insight you get with WorkloadWisdom”

– Jeff Boles, Director, Lab Validation Services