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Is it Time to Change the Way You Think About AIOps?

Hint: AIOps is much more than alert noise reduction

Intellyx Analyst White Paper

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Analytics & Automation

AIOps-powered Insight for Better Decisions


Lift & Shift Cloud Migration: Be Prepared. Be Informed.

Feel Less Like a Fish Out of Water with AIOps-powered Cloud Migration Services

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AIOps for Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management

End the IT War Room

Analyst Report

VirtualWisdom Signals the End of the IT War Room – READ Analyst Report

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management

Comprehensive real-time visibility into the performance, health, capacity and utilization of your mission-critical infrastructure - in the context of your key applications.


VirtualWisdom is the industry’s leading real-time monitoring and AIOps platform – from your on-premise data center to the public cloud.

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WorkloadWisdom is the leading workload analysis, workload modeling, load generation and performance analytics platform for comparing storage systems, identifying performance limits, and validating changes.

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VirtualWisdom offers a full stack view of your infrastructure

Hypervisor Networks Enterprise Arrays Software Defined Storage SAN and NAS Performance Public Clouds

Accelerate Your Infrastructure Intelligence

AI-based analytics enable holistic visibility and control across all of your Infrastructure components.

Application Service Assurance

Application Service Assurance

Assure performance and health of on-premises or cloud infrastructure

Application Service Assurance

Predictive Capacity Management

Predictive Capacity Management

Forecast capacity consumption for hosts, networks and storage

Predictive Capacity Management


Workload Infrastructure Balancing

Continuously rebalance your infrastructure resources

Workload Infrastructure Balancing

Problem Resolution

Problem Resolution and Avoidance

Find & resolve problems before your users even notice

Problem Resolution and Avoidance

Industry Leaders Turn to Virtual Instruments

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After using Virtual Instruments, we can provide the needed assurance to our business customers that we are meeting their performance expectations.

Brian Walker

Principal Architect, Cloud Solutions

In an ever changing virtualized environment, the ability to manage, monitor, and guarantee performance to the entire infrastructure is absolutely imperative. The VirtualWisdom platform provides that visibility; it provides those guarantees.

Lief Morin


Because the VirtualWisdom platform monitors the SAN infrastructure, SAN switches, and our virtualized environment, we are able to correlate all those different pieces, put that data together, and come up with a better view of what is happening within that entire infrastructure.

Kevin Anderson

Director of IT

VirtualWisdom gives us the visibility we need to pinpoint and resolve problems in real time—and to identify and prevent issues before they turn into problems.

Tony Granata

AVP Of Global Capacity & Performance Engineering

Where Virtual Instruments has been so incredibly helpful to us is preemptively rather than reactively finding where you are going to have issues. We have moved light years since we started working with VI.

Public Alastair Lukies

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

With the help of VirtualWisdom, we were able to transform our data center into a modern data center with the agility needed to say yes to the business with confidence. Virtual Instruments has been integral to that transformation.

Carlos Sotero

IT Director

VirtualWisdom allows you to dig in and understand why applications are behaving as they are, and where potential problems lie... we can make strategic investments based on sound performance information.

Simon Close

Head of Storage

This [Cisco & Virtual Instruments] integration will dramatically increase the breadth of visibility we have into our SAN, while reducing both the complexity and cost of traditional hardware-based instrumentation.

Joe Hollewa

Senior Manager of Cloud Operations at PLEX

VirtualWisdom allows us to put more VMs into the environment without buying more hardware. It’s saving us money as we grow.

Mark Owen

Sr. Consultant

With VirtualWisdom in our environment we were able to tune and optimize overall SAN performance and improve IO response time by 50%.

Josh Morton

VP of Enterprise IT Services

I could not speak more highly about the sales team, support team, or executive team at Virtual Instruments. They build trust and are devoted to our success, making the adoption curve much shorter.

Dan Spurling

Director of IT Platform Engineering and Operations