Telecommunications and Cloud Providers


Maximize Service Availability and Performance while Driving Down Infrastructure Costs

IT infrastructure managers at telecommunications, Software as a Service (Saas), and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) providers are under constant pressure to innovate. Customers are demanding more reliable always-on services. New kinds of applications are consuming bandwidth and petabytes of storage at an unprecedented pace. There are constant pressures to deliver an infrastructure that is better, faster and cheaper than their previous implementations. And to make it even more challenging, IT managers and storage architects must look at ever-changing application workloads, and the introduction of new storage technologies, such as flash, that are reshaping how data centers will be architected to support the huge explosion in the demand for applications and data.

The underlying networked storage infrastructure must also evolve so the infrastructure owners can continue to deliver the five nines of reliability for hosting and web services that is expected of them. Without proactively managing this changing environment, application response times will be unpredictable, outages will occur, and storage costs will spiral out of control.

Two Solutions: for optimizing deployment decisions, and maintaining service levels

  1. Investing in the right technologies to meet your application workloads.  Virtual Instrument’s WorkloadWisdom is the industry’s only solution on the market today that can help telecommunications and cloud service providers determine which technologies are most cost effective for their application workload performance requirements. It combines deep and accurate simulation software with load generation appliances to empower storage architects to analyze the performance of storage infrastructure in a pre-production environment.This analysis provides the predictive insight needed for infrastructure owners make more cost effective and intelligent purchasing and deployment decisions, and to validate all pending changes to the production storage infrastructure. WorkloadWisdom will not only enable dramatic cost savings, but also ensure the storage infrastructure will meet the necessary performance and availability requirements of today’s most demanding applications.
  2. Delivering constant availability and ensuring application response times. VirtualWisdom provides the only monitoring and analytics platform for true App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management. Data generated across your entire datacenter infrastructure gets correlated in real-time to report your performance, availability, health and utilization, from the perspective of the applications you’re supporting. VirtualWisdom provides you with authoritative and actionable insights to help you drive the absolute best customer experiences. Better experiences deliver happy customers and a competitive advantage over other service providers.Contact Virtual Instruments to learn why companies like, LinkedIn, IBM/Softlayer and Sprint use us to build and maintain the highest service levels possible.