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Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences

Virtual Instruments delivers omni-channel infrastructure performance to delight your customers

In today’s business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace, your technology investments must drive your competitive advantage. Cross-channel operations require the IT infrastructure to be responsive, available, and optimally performing 24/7/365. From inventory systems running on SAP to web-based shopping carts, your underlying infrastructure plays a huge part in the experience of your customers.

Exceed your customer's expectations

Enterprise IT is charged with driving business value to the organization and experiential value to your customers.

Consumer expectations are incredibly high. Your customers expect to have the same experience whether they’re buying shoes at 2pm on a Wednesday or participating in a 12:01am door-buster Black Friday deal. From a fast website and transaction processing, to inventory management, to delivery, and then timely customer support, everything must be 100% available, 100% of the time—there is no room for error.

Keep your customers coming back for more

Virtual Instruments has two solutions that help you plan, deploy and manage your valuable IT infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom provides the only analytics platform for true App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management. Data generated across your entire infrastructure, from VM response times, to fabric data, to storage data gets correlated in real-time to provide you with authoritative and actionable insights to help you drive the absolute best customer experiences. Better experiences mean more repeat business and customer referrals, and true brand loyalty.

WorkloadWisdom testing and validation solution provides unique insight into application workload performance which allows data storage professionals to optimize costs and assure performance by more intelligently deploying and troubleshooting storage infrastructure.  The combination of advanced workload analysis and modeling software with extreme workload generation appliances allow you to cost-effectively analyze storage purchase decisions, troubleshoot infrastructure performance issues and validate and stress the limits of your storage investment. WorkloadWisdom ensures smart investments, 100 % reliable performance and the best consumer experience.
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