The WorkloadWisdom SNIA / CDMI Storage performance validation solution is designed to assess the maximum capacity and speed of CDMI cloud storage infrastructures, servers and arrays. WorkloadWisdom accomplishes this by emulating up to millions of CDMI clients generating highly stressful and realistic requests to the servers. We then measure the performance, scalability, and response times of the servers in handling these requests, and verify the integrity of the stored contents.


Full-featured testing of the SNIA CDMI protocol

Figure: Simplified diagram of the SNIA CDMI Framework.

Figure: Simplified diagram of the SNIA CDMI Framework.

API Coverage
  • All key operations
  • Container, data, domain, queue capabilities
  • Header / Body Definition

Header/Body Definition
  • JSON structure input
  • Header / Body field parsing & insert

Detailed Statistics
  • Per command stats for all CDMI operations
  • Bandwidth, IOPS, response time, and more
  • Aggregate and per-command analysis

  • Millions of unique connections
  • Line rate throughput per port

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Finding Storage Performance Limits: Watch this 4 min video on how to find storage performance limits using IOPS parameters in WorkloadWisdom

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“Aggregation of results is our enemy. With WorkloadWisdom we can trace, track, and compare anything – all the protocol-level details we want.”

– Steve Downer, Director of Test Engineering at Oracle