Understand Performance & Cost with Cloud Migrations Services Before Making the Jump

Which Applications are you Moving to the Cloud?
Avoid Risky Pitfalls. Save Time and Money.

Did you know first route to digital transformation, for many organizations, is to migrate applications from on-premises to the cloud? Take a deep dive and baseline capacity needs, operational expenditures, and performance requirements before your “Lift and Shift” with a Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) Service before making the move.

  • Discovery – Discover workload characteristics
  • Profile – Distill workloads, characterize performance
  • Playback – Make budgetary decisions per workload
  • Monitor – Manage unforeseen performance & capacity

Whether you are exploring the cloud or have a current cloud initiative, the Virtual Instruments CMR service will directly benefit your “Lift and Shift” cloud migration. Our migration and AIOps experts will de-risk your move by validating performance SLAs, dependencies, performance in the cloud, and the estimated cost.

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“Understand Performance & Cost with Cloud Migrations Services Before Making the Jump"

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