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Virtual Instruments Joins AppDynamics’ New Integration Partner Program

Ecosystem of Technology Vendors Provides an Integrated Approach to AIOps Across Applications and Infrastructure

San Jose, CA, June 4, 2019 Virtual Instruments, the leader in AIOps for hybrid IT infrastructure management, today announced that it has joined the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP). The IPP leverages integration of the IPP members’ technologies with AppDynamics to deliver an AIOps ecosystem that assures application service delivery in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. As part of the IPP, Virtual Instruments and AppDynamics will work together to help enterprise customers optimize the performance and availability of their business-critical applications and infrastructure.

Enterprises continue to adopt a hybrid data center model to leverage the flexibility of the cloud alongside the control and security of on-premises IT infrastructure, but the scale and complexity of these highly virtualized, multi-cloud environments is beyond human comprehension. Meanwhile, enterprises are extremely eager to pursue the valuable business benefits offered by an AIOps-based approach. As a result, enterprises are increasingly seeking integrated AIOps platforms, delivered by a collaborative vendor ecosystem, to ensure that they are deploying best-of-breed solutions.

Virtual Instruments’ hybrid infrastructure monitoring and analytics platform, VirtualWisdom, takes an  Applied Intelligence approach to AIOps. VirtualWisdom combines machine learning with an understanding of applications gained from AppDynamics and other sources. It applies a deep knowledge-base of domain specific algorithms to assure application infrastructure performance, predictively manage capacity, and proactively balance workloads. When problems do occur, VirtualWisdom automatically investigates, triages, diagnoses, and provides actionable remediations.

Through the IPP, AppDynamics, Virtual Instruments and other members are fostering an open ecosystem of established and emerging technology vendors. The goal of the IPP is to identify the optimal combination of technologies for enterprises to achieve their goals in automation and deliver the best user experience for their customers.

“The big and constantly changing marketplace for IT automation has created an environment that’s hard to navigate for IT teams looking to transform their business with AIOps,” said Brian Paul, head of ecosystem strategy and development, AppDynamics. “The IPP is designed to help enterprises understand the vast array of technologies and capabilities available in this complex space and provide a platform for the optimal solution for AIOps. Our partnership with Virtual Instruments provides enterprises with access to a critical combination of infrastructure and APM capabilities that accelerate the AIOps journey and deliver stellar user experiences.”

The IPP’s open ecosystem model enables the program’s members to collectively deliver the visibility and automation required of a true AIOps approach. This allows enterprises to leverage quick feedback, constant learning/improvement, and self-healing hybrid infrastructures, which are key elements of an effective, multi-vendor AIOps platform. The combination of AppDynamics and Virtual Instruments provides full-stack, real-time visibility to hybrid applications and infrastructure, empowering businesses with AI-powered insights and automation to help them take the right action at exactly the right time.

“There is a lot of hype out there right now around ‘AIOps,’ and the customers I’ve spoken to are looking to the application and infrastructure management vendors they know and trust to establish a proven approach,” said John Gentry, CTO of Virtual Instruments. “The AppDynamics IPP program provides enterprises with the integrated ecosystem they are looking for in managing their hybrid application and infrastructure environments, enabling them to pave the path to a true AIOps solution. We’re excited to be one of the IPP’s charter members and look forward to working with the ecosystem partners to support the business-critical applications our customers’ customers rely on every day.”

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Virtual Instruments is the leader in AIOps for hybrid IT infrastructure management, providing comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and AI-powered analytics for the hybrid data center. The company’s solutions give IT teams deep workload visibility and actionable insights into their end-to-end systems that support mission-critical applications. Virtual Instruments empowers companies to maximize the performance, availability and utilization of their production IT infrastructure. Virtual Instruments has over 500 customers, including enterprise IT, cloud service providers and federal agencies. The privately-held company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit


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