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Virtual Instruments Introduces the VirtualWisdom SolutionPack for the EMC Storage Resource Management Suite

SAN JOSE, Calif. – (February 4, 2014) – Virtual Instruments, the leader in Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, today announced the VirtualWisdom SolutionPack for the EMC® Storage Resource Management (SRM) Suite. The VirtualWisdom SolutionPack complements the capabilities of the EMC SRM Suite with sub-second performance analysis and SCSI-level protocol visibility, providing customers real-time insights into how their storage environment is performing.

“IT infrastructures are increasingly complex and IT leaders are faced with the challenge of managing highly virtualized environments while also dealing with tremendous data growth,” said Sean Maxwell, president at Virtual Instruments. “Many organizations are turning to software defined solutions that enable IT to dynamically configure the infrastructure based on changing user and application demands. As a result, organizations require a sophisticated set of monitoring capabilities to ensure their IT infrastructure is operating at peak performance.”

Virtual Instruments delivers critical performance management capabilities for the software defined datacenter. The VirtualWisdom SolutionPack, which was developed through a collaborative engineering effort with EMC, extends the capability of the EMC SRM Suite with:

  • High-performance SAN monitoring and troubleshooting: Detect and troubleshoot performance spikes in one second intervals.
  • SCSI protocol level visibility: Identify faulty components, misconfigurations and saturated resources through continuous, real-time monitoring of SCSI transactions.
  • Performance-based SLA management: Enable IT to guarantee SLAs to business owners through continuous monitoring of real-time performance metrics.
  • Accelerated migration of performance-sensitive applications to software defined storage (including EMC ViPR): Accelerate the realization of benefits delivered through software defined storage.

“EMC is committed to offering open and extensible storage management solutions tailored to our customers’ needs,” said Christopher Ratcliffe, Vice President of Marketing, Advanced Software Division at EMC Corporation. “The VirtualWisdom platform with the new VirtualWisdom SolutionPack extends the capabilities of the EMC SRM Suite by enabling customers managing mission-critical, latency sensitive applications to identify performance spikes and troubleshoot associated performance problems within its reporting console.”


The VirtualWisdom SolutionPack is now available with EMC Storage Resource Management Suite V3.0.