Openstack Cinder


The WorkloadWisdom OpenStack Cinder Storage Protocol Testing Solution is designed to assess the maximum capacity and speed of Cinder block storage infrastructures, servers and arrays.

WorkloadWisdom emulates up to millions of Cinder clients generating highly stressful and realistic requests to the servers. We then measure the performance, scalability, and response times of the servers in handling these requests, and verify the integrity of the stored contents. Response times can be measured on a per command basis, allowing users to understand exactly what is optimized for their deployment and correctly identifying the bottlenecks.


Full-featured testing of the OpenStack Cinder protocol

Figure: Simplified diagram of the OpenStack Framework.

Features: OpenStack Cinder v1 and v2 Performance Validation

Client Emulation
  • Create multiple scenarios from a single interface
  • RESTful API and volume validation
  • Emulation of millions of unique clients
  • Supports OpenStack Keystone Identity Service

  • Out-of-the-box validation model
  • Looping constructs, parameter files, etc.
  • Independent load profiles to access scalability

Detailed Statistics
  • KPI stats: Throughput, IOPS, Latency
  • HTTP and TCP layer statistics
  • Per Cinder operation statistics


  • Volumes
    • Create Volume
    • List Volume Summaries
    • List Volume Details
    • Show Volume
    • Update Volume
    • Delete Volume
    • List Volume Types
    • Show Volume Types
  • Snapshots
    • Create Snapshot
    • List Snapshot Summaries
    • List Snapshot Details
    • Show Snapshot
    • Delete Snapshot
  • Backup Extension
    • Create Backup
    • List Backup Summaries
    • List Backup Details
    • Show Backup
    • Delete Backup
    • Restore Backup

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OpenStack Cinder Testing

“We’re saving significant dollars on hardware, cutting rack space, power, and cooling costs. And capital investment is smarter. I now need only 2U for every 8U I needed before.”

– Bryan Schmersal, Technical Staff Member at Avere