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Kicking Performance Management into the Virtual Era

Infrastructure is becoming less tangible as virtualization and the cloud take over, but that does not mean it is inscrutable. Indeed, abstract architectures can still fall prey to bottlenecks and other detriments on the physical layer, but it requires a new breed of monitoring platform to pinpoint what is really going on and how to correct it.

According to Virtual Instruments, CIOs are well aware of the performance challenges that affect their newly virtualized and distributed architectures, but have yet to confront them in a meaningful way. In a survey of European enterprise executives last fall, the company found that a significant majority believes infrastructure performance management (IPM) can improve agility, reduce the risk of failure and lower costs, although only 13 percent have implemented the technology. And nearly a quarter of the rest say they have no plans to create one in the near future. A key challenge is the multiple layers of abstraction that accompany the typical virtual data environment, which can hamper visibility and interfere with proper resource provisioning.

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