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Interview with John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances at Virtual Instruments

VSM: Virtual Instruments is leading the development of the infrastructure performance management (IPM) category. How did the company first develop its solution?

JG: A number of the members of our founding team worked together at Finisar, a company that builds optical communications products and subsystems. Our team worked with the diagnostic tools for Finisar’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that monitored device performance and integrations. We then spun the performance technology off in 2008 to create Virtual Instruments. Since then, what started as basic performance monitoring for Finisar clients’ devices and storage layers has expanded into performance optimization for the entire IT infrastructure that supports an enterprise. We saw the potential in expanding our technology to go both broader and deeper, offering global enterprises a level of insight into their infrastructure operations that has never before been fully developed.

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