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Briefing Note: VI’s VirtualWisdom4 shows you how to Manage your Open Systems Performance

Virtual Instruments provides active system monitoring and management solutions that generate a significant amount of data to improve SAN efficiency and performance. But users need more than an abundance of information to effectively manage their environments. In fact, this profusion of data could actually inhibit IT’s ability to identify problem areas in the SAN and affect needed changes. To address this issue, VirtualWisdom4, Virtual Instruments’ latest version of their Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform, now provides a series of tools that emphasize solutions, giving SAN managers information about what to do with all that data to achieve their infrastructure goals.

Virtual Instruments’ technology (as described in this video) leverages network probes connected to traffic access points (TAPS) to capture information about data flowing in the environment in addition to polling devices for whatever status information they may have available. This approach helps address performance management issues by providing a real-time picture of both the actual workload and the ‘elements’ in the environment – the virtual machines, servers, switches, and storage systems in application infrastructures.