Your IT Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director, Corporate and Field Marketing

Mention the word “summer” and you’ll get a variety of positive reactions: vacation, sunshine, and that delicious Fourth of July barbeque we’ve been craving all year. And while it’s good to enjoy your well-deserved time off, your IT infrastructure can’t afford to take a vacation. From June to August, there is a rise in performance issues and full-blown IT outages due to the fact that many businesses choose the slower business months for cloud migration, tech refreshes, adoption of robust virtualization strategies, etc. Additionally, all the travel means there is a spike in mobile activity, which can overwhelm infrastructure operations, and there’s a lack of onsite staff for when disaster strikes.

While your digital business can’t ever take a full vacation, we have some tips to keep the underlying IT infrastructures running at their full potential, so you can enjoy your time off.

Consider a critical infrastructure audit. Some individuals (myself included) love nothing more than spending time camping in the great outdoors during the summer. In the same way you take inventory of all your gear before going camping, use the summer months to conduct a critical infrastructure audit. The audit runs concurrently with your day-to-day operations, so work isn’t interrupted. Ultimately, these audits give IT teams clear visibility into their systems, help them make data-driven decisions and allow you to enjoy your camping trip without IT woes.

Keep your workloads visible and protected. While you’re applying sunscreen to protect your skin, remember to protect your workloads as well. And no, we don’t mean to lather up your servers with your favorite SPF70 lotion :-). If you’ve recently migrated to the cloud or are considering cloud migration, remember that the cloud doesn’t give you as much insight into your mission-critical workloads as on-prem deployments do. You can protect and guarantee your critical workloads by keeping them on your private cloud to ensure full visibility for end-to-end infrastructure performance.

Lock down a disaster recovery plan. How many times have you been offered traveler’s insurance and declined? What’s the worst that can happen, right? Well, we can’t advise you on your family travel plans, but we can advise you to create a plan for your IT team in case disaster strikes and half your staff is out of the office. Start planning in the spring to make sure you have a monitoring plan and the right IT performance management in place to keep the trains running if an issue occurs. If a performance impacting degradation or outage does occur—leverage our SOS Emergency Services immediately and we’ll scramble a team that will help you definitively resolve your issues.

Is your IT ready for the summer? Send us a message if you need some advice.