Visibility, performance critical in government IT operations

By John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances –

Information technology (IT) in the federal government is, as in other industries, making the infrastructure shift to cloud. Moving highly sensitive government data and workloads to the cloud requires reliability, security and guarantees from vendors that applications and infrastructure will perform as mandated. Without these three key characteristics, the results can be catastrophic and the failures very public. During the cloud shift, performance monitoring can help government agencies complete a seamless transition by providing visibility into the entire IT ecosystem, from the network to storage and application layers.

Without IT system visibility, agency IT departments are at a disadvantage. Specifically, here are three key problems that agencies without visibility are likely to encounter:

  • No understanding why service-level agreements (SLAs) aren’t being met.

Whether owned by internal IT departments or external organizations, SLAs set expectations for system performance. Without full visibility into the system infrastructure, the reason for missed SLA expectations can be nebulous and frustrating. Government agencies need guaranteed performance, so when issues arise, visibility into the root cause can result in quick fixes and minimal system disruption.

  • Inability to consolidate data center infrastructures efficiently.

Because of early concerns about security and performance in the cloud, government agencies have been slower to make the cloud transition than private entities. As those concerns have faded with time, agencies are accelerating data center consolidation to conserve resources and build efficiencies. Data center consolidation is a smooth process only when teams have full visibility into the IT system, allowing them to anticipate and resolve potential issues.

  • Limited internal support for enterprisewide application models.

Many government agencies want to move to the cloud to enable enterprisewide application models, which provide benefits of integration and centralization for IT managers. However, government workers need to know they can trust apps to be available at all times, and if their user experience is jaded, they’re not likely to support enterprisewide applications. Visibility means snuffing out problems in real time and preventing latency from becoming a long-lasting issue – resulting in internal buy-in.

IPM helps IT teams identify problems as they’re occurring with real-time monitoring, which also establishes patterns that can lead to prevention of future issues. This is precisely the type of guaranteed performance that government IT decision-makers need to eliminate wasted taxpayer dollars and diminished availability of critical services.

Performance monitoring and service guarantees are important outside of the government, too. See how IPM can help your company.