Virtual Instruments: more than a storage resource management company

John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances –

Founding an organization is not an easy endeavor; it takes work and dedication from the executive team down to drive results, especially before a company’s reputation is established. During these early years, what drives the success of great organizations is a like-mindedness of the executive team around the core beliefs on which your company was built.

What kind of like-mindedness matters? As an executive, key to your success is the ability to see outside of day-to-day operations and understand the values and beliefs that matter not only to your organization, but also to your customers and employees. At Virtual Instruments, we have developed strong relationships with our customers and employees based on three core beliefs:

Belief in your mission: being a business executive requires a lot of work, but beyond that, it takes a solid belief in the power of building whatever idea it is that drives you. Without relentless commitment to and execution on the stated vision across the executive team, there are numerous obstacles that can derail an organization on its way to success.

Belief in your customers: the driving force for the founding team at Virtual Instruments was a genuine desire to help our customers and improve their quality of life. As noted above, with a firm belief in the nature of the solution your firm is providing – and customer advocacy is a great testament to the benefit your company is providing – your team gains the momentum to go beyond what’s expected to ensure positive outcomes for your company. At Virtual Instruments, our customer feedback has strengthened the belief in what we’re doing and actually become a part of our company culture.

Belief in your employees: politics have no place in the office. With open and honest communication, you can ensure alignment among your departments, including sales, marketing, engineering and administrative departments. Although complete alignment can be difficult to achieve, it is a critical success factor for companies to make it through difficult times.

When it comes to founding a company, the easy times are just that: easy. Revenue cures all ills. However, every organization hits on hard times, and when those hard times come, staunch belief in these three factors can contribute to the longevity of an organization.

Our success depends on your needs being met; do you have a need that Virtual Instruments can help meet?