Virtual Instruments Partners with Cisco to Make Storage Performance Monitoring Easier, Faster and More Affordable

By Len Rosenthal, CMO 

Today we announced a game-changing partnership with worldwide IT and networking leader Cisco that will dramatically simplify and lower the cost of storage network performance monitoring. This news follows another important partnership announcement we made last week with IP network traffic visibility leader Gigamon, and you can learn more about the benefits our Gigamon partnership will deliver to customers in this blog post.

Why did we decide to pursue these partnerships? Simply put, our goal is to help customers achieve the highest possible availability and performance for their business-critical applications, and we know that the best way to do that is for us to partner with the best. And through these partnerships, we will be able to offer our app-centric IPM solutions to a broader set of enterprise customers than ever before.

For some context, as enterprises continue to shift towards next generation data centers to meet their customers’ needs, the underlying infrastructure must be able to evolve rapidly to keep up with the growing demands of new and changing applications. Enterprises rely on Fibre Channel (FC) SAN infrastructures to help them address these challenges, and our new partnership with Cisco offers unmatched monitoring and analytics capabilities at an unprecedented value for customers needing to monitor their SAN infrastructures in real time.

Storage Switzerland analyst George Crump had this to say about our partnership with Cisco:

“Enterprises understand the critical importance of real-time monitoring of their virtualized infrastructures, but the cost of achieving such visibility has made it prohibitive for many organizations to instrument broadly. With the new Virtual Instruments/Cisco technology integration, a much wider range of enterprises are now able to easily and cost-effectively implement comprehensive SAN infrastructure performance monitoring. Meanwhile, Cisco will provide its customers with a robust and highly differentiated SAN monitoring and analytics platform.”

For those who enjoy the nerdier side of things (and if you regularly read our blog, you probably fall into that prized category), here’s some detail on what our partnership with Cisco means when it comes to the technology itself. By integrating VirtualWisdom’s app-centric infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform with the new Cisco MDS 9700 32G Module and SAN Streaming Fabric, enterprises can significantly reduce both their OpEx and CapEx costs associated with holistically monitoring and managing the health, performance and utilization of their SAN infrastructures – from the VM to the storage array.

But wait, there’s more! For customers that are moving their application infrastructures to 32Gb Fibre Channel infrastructures and require high-fidelity performance monitoring, we will soon give customers the choice of deploying VirtualWisdom with our existing TAP and Probe offerings (typically for their most mission-critical applications) or using the new Cisco/VI integration and eliminating the need for a physical TAP and hardware Probe. How is this possible? Through our new software integration with Cisco, a dedicated Network Processing Unit inside the Cisco MDS switch delivers key statistical data from observed workload behavior and response time metrics. For customers that aren’t ready to upgrade to 32Gb infrastructure, the VirtualWisdom TAP and hardware Probe-based offering will still be the best solution for 8Gb and 16Gb environments as it offers the industry’s highest fidelity data monitoring that our customers have come to expect.

Virtual Instruments is now clearly in the lead position when it comes to application-centric infrastructure performance management. With Cisco’s large SAN customer base combined with Virtual Instruments’ acknowledged leadership in the IPM space, joint customers now have a ready-made solution for proactive performance management, backed up by our superior customer support, that allows them to proactively find and resolve infrastructure issues before they have a chance to impact application performance. And take it from us: optimized application performance and its associated infrastructure leads to happy customers and IT organizations.

To learn more about our new partnerships and our app-centric IPM solutions, drop us a line or connect with us on Twitter – we’re @Virtual_Inst.