Virtual Instruments’ New Cloud Migration Readiness Service Ensures Enterprises Realize Cloud ROI

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

Cloud Migration Enterprises today face quite the quandary: to stay competitive, they’re under tremendous pressure to move apps and workloads to the cloud – but rushing the job could have disastrous consequences for the business. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place…

To help enterprises overcome this predicament, last month we announced our new Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) service. By providing enterprises with vital insights into the workload behavior of applications targeted for cloud migration, the CMR service enables enterprises to intelligently move to the cloud.

Until now, enterprises didn’t have the essential insight they needed to answer critical questions related to cost and performance before embarking on their cloud migration journey. As a result, enterprises not only couldn’t devise a sound strategy for their cloud migration projects, but they also had no way of knowing whether those apps and workloads would perform adequately once in the cloud. With our new CMR service, enterprises gain much-needed peace of mind by being able to:

  • De-risk their upcoming cloud migrations
  • Validate the suitability of the targeted applications based on their on-premises performance SLAs
  • Understand application dependencies
  • Preserve performance in the cloud
  • Compare and contrast estimated costs of various cloud platforms
  • Improve the ROI of cloud migration initiatives

SiliconANGLE’s Paul Gillin summarized the CMR service perfectly in his article examining the new offering: “[The CMR service] is intended to help customers avoid unpleasant surprises when shifting workloads to the cloud by identifying common glitches in a simulated environment.” Paul’s headline also succinctly captured the new service’s main objective: to “identify gotchas” related to cloud migration projects before they become problems for enterprises.

These “gotchas” are painful – in his piece on the new service, eWEEK’s Chris Preimesberger pointed out that cloud/data migration projects are “a corner of the IT world that tends to make people wince when the topic comes up.” Chris noted that the CMR service is an extension of Virtual Instruments’ primary focus on “keeping applications in good working order, in optimal performance mode and in compliance with all the rules and regulations the IT world brings to bear.”

The bottom line is this: the insights delivered by our new CMR service add a crucial element of visibility to enterprises’ cloud migration strategies so they can cost-effectively embrace the cloud to advance their digital transformation initiatives. Click here to learn more about the CMR service, and drop us a line to see how Virtual Instruments can help maximize the ROI for your cloud migration projects. And as always, don’t forget to follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in app-centric infrastructure performance monitoring.