Virtual Instruments launches VirtualWisdom4

Today is a big day for Virtual Instruments, this morning we announced VirtualWisdom4 providing customers definitive insight into how their applications and infrastructure are performing.

You are forced into the role of system integrator as a direct result of perpetually increasing complexity and abstraction. Virtualization, cloud-computing and “software defined” solutions are driving the “death” of device-based (biased) tools and management solutions in enterprise IT. Going-forward, the only credible solution for managing availability, performance, cost-optimization and complexity is to leverage an entity-centric approach.

VirtualWisdom4 delivers the industry’s first entity-centric approach enabling application-aware infrastructure performance management. Using this approach, organizations like yours can logically group system-wide resources from physical devices to application workloads, providing everyone from IT operations to line of business leaders with the insight they need to understand how resources and applications are performing.

With VirtualWisdom4 you get:

  • Definitive insight into how your applications and infrastructure are performing.
  • An intuitive, responsive user interface that delivers real-time visualization of thousands of metrics to help customers like you address common performance management challenges.
  • The right information at the right time with case-based alarms to understand the frequency and urgency of alarms and live reports that provides visualization of millions of metrics across the performance, utilization and health of devices and entities.

Hear what our customers are saying –

“With VirtualWisdom4 we’ll be presenting information that means something to each of the users of the interface, not just the storage team,” said Simon Close, head of storage at WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC. “It’ll help establish common dialogue and understanding about how the service infrastructure that supports the business is performing—by showing things in an intuitive, user friendly way that is relevant to any team that is responsible for performance and availability in their respective focal areas.”

Morrisons – Why they Use VirtualWisdom4

VirtualWisdom4 will be available by the end of May 2014. More information, including videos, can be found online at

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