Virtual Instruments and Gigamon: A New Partnership to Better Meet the Needs of NAS-Based Storage Customers

By Len Rosenthal, CMO 

gigamon logoLast week we announced a new partnership with Gigamon, the industry leader in visibility solutions, to provide comprehensive monitoring for NAS deployments – and we wanted to provide some context behind the partnership and the benefits it will deliver to our customers and partners.

NAS environments create unique challenges for IT organizations, including rogue clients that are hard to detect, and noisy neighbors, which cause performance issues that require analysis capabilities beyond inadequate software-only-based monitoring solutions. Complicating matters further is the fact that NAS environments are very fluid – as they’re continuously growing and changing – which makes them even more difficult to manage.

The complex nature of NAS environments means that many organizations operating them don’t have access to comprehensive, accurate and vendor-agnostic real-time NAS monitoring. And this creates a domino effect, as this lack of comprehensive monitoring means enterprises are unable to optimize the performance, utilization and health of their NAS deployments – which ultimately leads to wasted OpEx and CapEx spending and an inability to meet performance-based SLAs. As if this isn’t enough, this lack of monitoring also leads to significant wasted staff productivity, as IT support teams frequently struggle to identify root causes of NAS performance issues.

Through our new partnership with Gigamon, Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform can now ingest IP network data flows from Gigamon’s GigaVUE Visibility Appliances. Joint customers are now able to gain access to the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of VirtualWisdom, helping them overcome the challenges presented by NAS deployments utilizing IP networks.

Analyst firm Bloor’s development and governance practice leader David Norfolk shared the following thoughts on the partnership: “Extending Virtual Instruments’ infrastructure performance management into real-time NAS monitoring can only be a good thing for overall performance management, SLA resilience, and effective root cause analysis if there are performance problems. An organization should not only own the data in a NAS installation but also its associated performance metadata, if it is to claim that it has a well-governed NAS solution.”

Related to this announcement, to further meet IT organizations’ monitoring needs for their NAS deployments, we also introduced support for NetFlow IP network monitoring and the SMB 2/3 protocol to the VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probewhich earned the Gold Award in the Storage and SAN Management Tools category of TechTarget’s Storage Magazine/ 2016 Products of the Year Awards. This means that Virtual Instruments now supports the two predominant file sharing network environments – NFS and SMB – which are the primary protocols upon which large enterprises deploy business-critical applications on NAS. VirtualWisdom now enables holistic visibility from the VM to the LUN or file system.

By providing support for both the SMB and NFS protocols, we are able to ensure that our customers can accelerate adoption and deployment of NAS implementations; enable performance-based SLAs; optimize OpEx and CapEx investments related to NAS deployments; and improve application availability.

So, there you have it – our new Gigamon partnership and expanded NAS support in a nutshell. To learn more about Virtual Instruments’ NAS performance monitoring solutions, drop us a line or let’s connect on Twitter – we’re @Virtual_Inst.