Two is better than one: Microsoft’s SQL server and VirtualWisdom4

By Nicholas Dimotakis, Regional Services Director –

Frustration is a common state of being in IT, especially when it comes to data security. Users are constantly in need of access to their applications and data at any time of the day and in any location. This access can frequently be mission critical.

For IT professionals, meeting these data availability expectations while managing the exponentially high rate of data creation can quickly become overwhelming. Factor in the task of ensuring that said data is consistently secure, and IT professionals can easily become frustrated.

There is, however, good news. Microsoft SQL server allows customers to manage growth and run applications across several key business platforms. The best way to ensure the continued success of the SQL server technology is to optimize its performance by monitoring its security and preventing hiccups in service from interfering with critical workloads. A real time account of the health, performance and utilization of the server would create a valuable solution, which is why the Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom4 infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform was designed with this type of application in mind. The Virtual Instruments solution improves the functionality of Microsoft technology by identifying threats before they develop, calming the frustration of IT professionals working to ensure there is continuous access to delicate data.

The solutions produced from the pairing of Microsoft’s SQL Server and VirtualWidsom4 has produced a high standard of service among its users. This standard has earned Virtual Instruments a Microsoft Gold application development competency due to the solution’s ability to meet Microsoft customers’ needs. The pairing of VirtualWisdom4 with Microsoft’s SQL server has landed Virtual instruments within the top 1 percent of Microsoft’s system of partners via the completion of exams, the dedication of Virtual Instruments employees to become experts in one area of Microsoft competency, customer references, meeting revenue commitments and passing technology and sales assessments.

Virtual Instruments is dedicated to eliminating the frustration associated with a lack of insight into storage accessibility and security. Using a solution that makes visibility and predictability an achievable goal is a number one priority for our team, and this solution means that IT professionals can say goodbye to at least one cause of frustration.

Find out more about how our VirtualWisdom4 IPM platform provides predictability and eases frustration.