Storage Performance Analytics Done Right

Save time, save cost and save your job

By Scott Cleland, Director of Product Marketing

Why should a Fortune 500 enterprise company use a workload acquisition, workload analysis, workload modeling and workload performance analytics product like Virtual Instruments Load DynamiX (LDX) Enterprise 5.3?

Even the largest and smartest Fortune 500 companies can find themselves mired in legacy testing workflows and be forced to rely on overly complicated shareware tools to operationalize new product evaluations and risk-control changes to their current storage array environments.

What’s missing?

There are generally two classes of testing solutions: the freeware products, like IoMeter and Vdbench, and commercial products, like Load DynamiX Enterprise.

While ioMeter and Vdbench are free, they have such significant limitations that they may have very limited value when testing for a real-world data center workloads and demands of the large enterprise. . For example, some freeware tools cannot test metadata performance and they produce unrealistic result because they don’t model temporality or hotspot drift. These tools are also difficult to setup and maintain as they often require complex scripting to generate even semi-realistic workload models. But the fundamental issue is that storage engineers have no real way to accurately model production workloads while using these tools, because there is insufficient capability of mapping the I/O patterns of the actual production applications in a specific data center. These limitations can lead IT planners to invest in storage systems that give a “false positive” and result in performance problems that could damage their reputation and lead to lost customers and lost revenue. Or worse, they may give up and be forced to rely on vendor benchmarks, which are often generated from the exact same flawed testing utilities.

So…why LDX Enterprise 5.3?

LDX-E 5.x Delivers:

  • A comprehensive all-in-1 solution
  • Much finer granularity for workload modeling
  • True enterprise scalability
  • A simple to install and maintain lab-in-a-box
  • An easier to use solution; without any need for scripting
  • Superior reporting tools
  • World-wide professional services and support
  • Consistent, repeatable results supporting all major interfaces and protocols

What’s New with LDX-E 5.3?

LDX-E 5.3 includes innovations from both the VirtualWisdom and Load DynamiX product lines to enable storage administrators and architects to intuitively visualize NAS (NFSv3) temporal production workload data gathered by VirtualWisdom, to create a realistic Workload Model that can vary I/O patterns over time.

LDX-E 5.3 also brings a brand-new methodology to Preconditioning arrays for Fibre Channel and iSCSI, user experience improvements, and several other critical System Management functions.

The LDX-E Homepage has been redesigned to highlight the typical workflow of the product and to improve the overall usability as well as appearance. Now, various templates and pre-built content for each workflow step are placed under a new Resources section.

Professionally supported automated performance testing solutions like Load DynamiX  Enterprise are making it possible for enterprise storage planners to accurately assess and specify the right storage solution at the right time for their business. This leads to improved storage ROI, reduced TCO, assured performance in critical application environments and reduced business risk.

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