Storage Magazine Awards Gold to Virtual Instruments NAS Performance Probe

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

When we rolled out our NAS Performance Probe with VirtualWisdom5 back in September, we viewed it as an important step toward making good on our promise to innovate after our merger with Load DynamiX. As a combined company, we were uniquely positioned to see where customers were getting bogged down in the transformative IT process and where we could help. That visibility led to the creation of the industry’s first real-time performance monitoring solution for NAS environments – our NAS Performance Probe (ProbeNAS). ProbeNAS offers a golden opportunity for IT teams to get one version of the truth across their NAS infrastructure, increase productivity and improve performance. Recently, Storage magazine and called that solution gold, too.

The Virtual Instruments NAS Performance Probe earned the Gold Award in the Storage and SAN Management Tools category of TechTarget’s Storage magazine/ 2016 Products of the Year Awards. One of only six top winners across as many categories, Virtual Instruments stood out among the judges, who included editorial staff, users, industry experts and analysts. One noted that no one else in the industry has fully tackled the problems our NAS Performance Probe solves.

“Previously, to get the kind of data the Probe provides, a user would need to capture packet data and send it back to the NAS array vendor for analysis,” a judge told SearchStorage Senior Site Editor Rodney Brown. “Changing that to real-time information is just one of the reasons why VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe took gold this year.”

Judges evaluated nearly 100 products based on technological innovation, performance, ease of integration, ease of use, manageability, functionality and value. In our ProbeNAS, they found a line-rate NFS monitoring device for the real-time analysis of wire data and correlation across compute, network and storage. It delivers an unprecedented level of granularity, reporting hundreds of metrics every second to provide comprehensive monitoring. For Virtual Instruments customers, this translates into more agility and better infrastructure performance despite rapidly accelerating data center complexity.

IT teams need intelligent analytics that help them unearth the root causes of performance problems and get the most out of their critical infrastructure assets. Virtual Instruments is committed to meeting that need, and we’re honored by Storage magazine and’s recognition of our efforts.

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