Sharing Vision, Progress and Innovation With Our Customers at Our Annual Eastern Region Customer Advisory Board

By Len Rosenthal, CMO 

Last week we crossed the country to New York City for our annual Northeastern Region Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting, and it was a hugely successful session that continued the momentum built during last year’s inaugural meeting. As with all of our regional CABs, the goal of the in-depth session was to convene a collection of our enterprise customers to update them on the latest developments across the Virtual Instruments ecosystem, in addition to providing them with an opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with our executive and product management teams.

To that point, we realize that customers are the lifeblood of every organization, but they play an especially critical role for Virtual Instruments – as we use our customers’ invaluable feedback to help directly guide the direction of our products, as was the case with the recent release of the latest version of our Load DynamiX platform.

Attendees at last week’s CAB included MetLife, NYU, Geico, Cigna-HealthSpring, Estee Lauder, and Navy Federal Credit Union – to name just a few. During the session, we updated these customers on our progress against the priorities we discussed as a group during last year’s edition of the Northeastern Region CAB, and we also shared perspectives and insights from our recent Midwest Region CAB held in Chicago this past April. It’s critical to us that we ensure that our vision, strategy and roadmap are all aligned with our customers, as they’re the true test of the efficacy of our app-centric infrastructure performance management (IPM) solutions.

On a more granular level, during last week’s CAB we provided more visibility into our Xangati product integration plans and product roadmaps for both Load DynamiX Enterprise and VirtualWisdom, and we also discussed our progress towards our app-centric IPM vision. The customers noted above shared their initiatives, challenges, use cases and best practices, and had the opportunity to learn from their equally innovative peers about how they are realizing value, solving complexities, and more. As we touched on earlier, these customers also shared feedback and guidance that helps us shape our products and services to ensure we’re continually aligned with market challenges, requirements, and key industry trends and developments.

All told, last week was another reminder for us that we have the best customers in the world, and we’re honored to work with them to help them grow their businesses while they help us grow ours. If you want to hear more about what app-centric IPM can do for your organization, drop us a line or let’s connect on Twitter.