Podcast: Philippe Vincent on the future of App-centric IPM

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

Recently, our CEO Philippe Vincent went on the Tech Blog Writer Podcast to discuss what’s new with Virtual Instruments and the need for app-centric infrastructure performance management (IPM) solutions. It’s a really interesting listen, and relatively short, so you should definitely check it out.

One thing that jumped out at me was a piece of advice Philippe had for those just starting down the IPM road. He said one of the central requirements for successful IPM implementations is that the IPM solution must be app-centric, meaning it understands and measures the infrastructure in the context of the applications being supported. This understanding includes:

Knowing where the applications live

“Understand which application services are deployed and on which infrastructure services. Essentially that’s having a map of the data center and the interrelationship between applications and  infrastructure.”

Understand the business context of the applications

“Applications have relative business value. Some are considered much more valuable than others by their businesses, and they have varying service levels that the business would like to assign to them. Understanding that context is particularly important because, while all the apps are of different value, and they contend for the same shared infrastructure resources, it can lead to unforeseen problems.  One can’t take proactive remediation unless one knows the relative business value of each application.”

Understand how the applications behave (and how their behavior stresses the infrastructure)

“The majority of application performance issues today start with a change at the application or database level that the infrastructure can’t keep up with. So, understanding the application workload behavior, its I/O patterns, and how it stresses the infrastructure is critical.”

The podcast’s host, Neil Hughes, also asked Philippe about his thoughts on the future of App-centric IPM and the marketplace. His answers were eye opening, and worth hearing in full.

Check out the full podcast here, and then let us know where you think IPM is going in the future via Twitter or Facebook.