The next game changer: Infrastructure performance management

Vikram Ramesh, Senior Director of Product and Digital Marketing –

With 40 percent of IT budgets going to infrastructure hardware, software and data centers, IT is becoming faster and more efficient, as well as more complex. The infrastructures built or improved through these investments are becoming increasingly virtualized and abstract, leaving IT managers with greater challenges surrounding visibility. As advancements mandate upgrades – such as faster servers, converged infrastructure and migration to the cloud – visibility becomes more obscured.

The high level of investment needed for today’s data center environments and the essential role that IT plays in day-to-day business operations compel a more holistic approach to IT system visibility. Infrastructure performance management (IPM) can provide unbiased, holistic visibility across multi-vendor environments, deliver performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) and help enterprises support critical workloads without hitting a limit. IPM lets companies gain definitive insight from their IT infrastructures, leading to maximum returns on investment.

To help illustrate the benefits of IPM, we developed the infographic, “Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM): Why it’s the next game changer for IT,” which discusses the ways in which IPM is helping to make the new advancements in IT just a little less complex.


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