Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3: what’s new

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

As you may have seen, today we announced the latest version of Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that Load DynamiX is our storage performance validation solution, designed to let you validate the performance and optimize the cost of your storage investments. What you’re probably wondering is, what’s new and how does it affect me? Both are good questions, so let’s answer them.

What’s new

The new version of Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3, adds many features aimed at improving the simplicity and accuracy of workload modeling, analysis and performance validation, including:

  • The ability to build temporal NFSv3 workload models for hyper-realistic workload modeling and performance analysis
  • A simplified, foolproof methodology for preconditioning all-flash arrays connected via Fibre Channel and iSCSI;
  • Enhanced user productivity and GUI improvements, such as real-time test status notifications and more intuitive workflows; and
  • Test management improvements to simplify administrative tasks such as results management, backup and restore, and other system management functions

How does it help you?

New features are nice, but this is the real question, right? How will it actually improve your storage deployment decision-making and overall experience using the solution. These enhancements are customer driven, and simplify the entire process of storage performance testing and validation. The results we’ve seen with our customers indicate this version will provide the most realistic test and modeling results of any solution available.

With hyper-accurate modeling and testing, your deployment decisions are based on your actual production workload data. This means these decisions are much easier to make, and result in the best possible performance of your business-critical applications. It’s not hyperbole to say that being able to make decisions in this way can save an organization millions of dollars in storage costs, and almost as many hours of wasted IT time.

Visit our Load DynamiX Enterprise page to learn more.