Large financial institution to save millions thanks to multi-vendor flash storage poc

Cuts 3 month Flash Storage POC & testing plan down to 2 weeks using Load DynamiX

Virtual_Instruments_Flash_Bake_OffWatch this video to see how a large financial institution will be able to save millions by doing a flash storage POC bake-off using Load DynamiX.

A large financial institution wished to evaluate solutions both from their existing storage vendors as well as from the new, best-of-breed vendors in the Flash storage space. They received several  proposals from vendors who claimed that their flash solutions would deliver under 2ms response times, which was better than the actual customer SLA. The proposals varied widely in cost, and this financial customer needed to understand the performance capabilities to support their current production requirements as well as their anticipated growth over the next 3-4 years. Millions of dollars were at stake.

Load DynamiX was brought in and we set up tests to compare IOPs, throughput, latency, iteration testing and degradation (e.g. failed controller) testing and ran the 6 vendors against their Oracle-based storage workload. The customer told us when they tried doing this on freeware it was a 3 month exercise and they were unable to test the dedupe, compression and varying block sizes over time at a meaningful scale. This customer’s objective was to stress a storage system under a realistic simulation of their current and expected future production workloads to determine performance characteristics, leading to a meaningful cost/performance financial analysis.

At the end of the 2 week Load DynamiX test cycle, all vendors’ solutions were thoroughly tested. The results enabled the customer to easily compare the price/performance of the various arrays for their specific application workload, including a “what if” simulation showing the effects of increased load, varying block sizes, and dedupe/compression ratios.

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