Expanding our DyNASty: industry reactions to our new NAS Performance Probe

By Len Rosenthal, CMO of Virtual Instruments

Last week, we announced the launch of VirtualWisdom5 and the VirtualWisdom Network Attached Storage (NAS) Performance Probe, the industry’s first real-time  monitoring solution for both SAN and NAS environments. With our expansion into the NAS-based storage market, our team is bringing the advantages and capabilities of VirtualWisdom to even more customers. And while of course the team at Virtual Instruments was excited about this news, we were happy to hear that analysts, journalists and our own customers shared in the excitement:

Our customer Jay Gagne, CTO of Razor Technology, a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to bringing enterprise-class solutions to companies of all sizes, also shared his reaction to VirtualWisdom5:

“The team at Razor Technology is very excited that Virtual Instruments is adding NAS support to its VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance analytics platform.  Our clients are very much looking forward to evaluating how it can help them assure the performance and availability of their business-critical NAS deployments.” 

Taneja Group: “Virtual Instruments Finally Gets NAS-ty

That headline says it all, from our perspective. Mike Matchett writes on the analyst firm’s blog:

“By a simple estimate of storage footprint, this enlarges VI’s market by half again.  But we think it makes VI’s actual prospects grow by far more than 50% as many more prospects with both block and file solutions (which is most companies) are going to see VirtualWisdom as a standard requirement for storage management across the enterprise. Which should mean continuing good news for VI in the second half of the year.”

InfoStor: “Virtual Instruments Debuts Analytics-Driven NAS Performance Monitoring

CMO Len Rosenthal spoke with InfoStor’s Pedro Hernandez to discuss what the company has been up to since its merger with Load DynamiX. He shares the details on the new NAS Performance Probe, and also adds that the company is planning to add an SMB (Server Message Block) and NFSv4 support next year via a software update.

StorageReview: “Virtual Instruments Announces VirtualWisdom5

The team at StorageReview shares the technology behind our NAS Performance Probe:

“The VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe is a line-rate NFS monitoring device, which offers real-time analysis of wire data and correlation across compute, network and storage with a significant amount of granularity. Moreover, VirtualWisdom5 combines agentless collection of physical and virtual machine data with wire data from ‘purpose-built, out-of-band hardware probes’.”

Learn more about VirtualWisdom5 technology HERE.