Does your cloud provider give you real-time performance insights?

By John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances –

We recently announced a partnership with Key Information Systems, Inc. (KeyInfo) that guarantees the performance and availability of KeyInfo’s hybrid cloud offering, the KeyCloud, to enterprise customers. For cloud providers wanting to support large enterprises, the ability to promise and deliver a high level of performance is an absolute requirement. KeyInfo is using the VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform to monitor the health and performance of its KeyCloud, allowing the company to receive real-time data and analytics to ensure that the cloud achieves zero downtime. These analytics include information and insights from all components of the heterogeneous data center environment, allowing customers end-to-end visibility and elevating the overall infrastructure performance.

This announcement marks an exciting trend in partner relationships, as the benefits of VirtualWisdom in the cloud provide better service to the end customer. Through partnerships like this, managed cloud providers can administer and adhere to stringent service level agreements (SLAs), ensure high levels of uptime and availability and promote trust between the cloud provider and its customer in the reliability of the cloud infrastructure

How VirtualWisdom helps KeyInfo provide an enterprise cloud offering:

  1. Ensured performance 24x7x365: Businesses can’t function with unreliable clouds. A significant benefit to partnering with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers is the ability to trust that your cloud performance and availability will be guaranteed, especially in critical industries like healthcare and finance.
  2. Visibility across infrastructures: With the VirtualWisdom IPM platform embedded in the KeyCloud as well as on-premises infrastructure, KeyInfo has visibility into the complete hybrid environment. With this holistic visibility as a standard, KeyInfo has the information needed to anticipate issues anywhere in the infrastructure environment, not just within the KeyCloud.
  3. Analytics, not just data: A hallmark of the VirtualWisdom IPM platform is its ability to provide more than just numbers, but also analytics. KeyInfo uses the data provided to analyze problems that occur, allowing customers to upgrade certain infrastructure components or otherwise mitigate perpetual problems for long-term health and performance, not just quick fixes.

In today’s business world, enterprises cannot afford downtime. The impact on a business’s ability to deliver on its mission, satisfy customers and build revenues is dependent on a reliable, high-performing infrastructure. When companies choose to contract with IaaS providers, that performance is expected to be at a high level. With the insights and analytics provided through VirtualWisdom, KeyInfo is going the distance for its customers and ensuring the best possible infrastructure performance and availability.

Our video outlines how customers gain guaranteed performance and availability through the KeyInfo partnership.