Clearing the haze in Asia-Pacific infrastructures

Todd Osborne

We have just finished our first full quarter in the development of our APAC business, and I am very proud of what we have already accomplished. We will initially focus our efforts building the business in Australia and SE Asia, and will support customers in other markets as opportunities arise.

We have built an amazing team that I know will quickly become as successful as our colleagues in North America and EMEA. Michael Rickers will lead sales for Australia / New Zealand and he will partner with Solutions Consultant, Paddy McDermott. Fang How Lim will lead sales in SE Asia and his SC is Daniel Lim. And while we leverage our global teams for their years of expertise in delivering VI services and support, we also have Sam New based in Singapore to begin the build-out of a services team across APAC.

We have setup an office in Australia and have established our Asia-Pacific HQ in the heart of one of the world’s largest financial centers, Singapore. Below is a picture from our 28th floor office in the heart of the Central Business District.

If you have been reading the news in Singapore and Malaysia lately, you know that there has been an unusual problem recently with severe haze caused by fires in the countryside of Indonesia. For two weeks we were hoping to see the beautiful skyline and busy port of Singapore, both symbols of the exciting Asian markets we are entering. But, the worst pollutants ever recorded in Singapore left us barely able to see the building next door. It reminded me of all the data center infrastructure managers that we have begun calling upon who do not have the necessary visibility into the performance of their mission-critical infrastructures. This week the haze cleared in Singapore, which is just like an IT organization that deploys VI and gets to see the end-to-end performance and utilization of their infrastructure. The view now from our office is as clear as a VI dashboard reporting the exchange completion times in milliseconds. Just like a VI customer, I hope we never go back to the haze. I can now see all the office buildings and logos for many of the great Asian companies that I am sure will soon be VI’s first customers in this exciting region of the world.