Challenge Me – Why VirtualWisdom is the Performance Monitoring Gold Standard

By Scott K Cleland, Director of Marketing

I was driving to work and pondering our VI business, success, challenges, and all the potholes I was driving over.. Things we all think about. Yes, there are real potholes here in Silicon Valley!

icon of man yellingIt dawned on me that, maybe, if I yelled this, then more enterprise IT buyers would listen.

You see, this Infrastructure Monitoring space is super crowded. It has got to be tough to navigate through all the marketing and messaging and get a feel for what these products can really do. I am frustrated right along with you. So…here is my stab at describing what we do and why it matters.

Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom adds continuous real-time monitoring and filtering that calculate statistics based on seeing “all” the I/Os that are traveling through the network, from the host/VM/app to the LUN/datastore, while adding no latency or risk. Software-only-based tools poll and average metrics.

Imagine asking this question: “Do I ever hit 100% utilization on a datastore?” And you’re getting the answer from a 5-minute average from a software-only monitoring tool (which makes up the vast majority of our competitors). Maybe utilization is 100% for 2 minutes, then its 50% for 3 minutes. That would show up as 70% utilized, and you would think you have room to grow! At VirtualWisdom’s one-second reporting granularity, you would know without a doubt that you are exhausting that resource. VirtualWisdom reports on the minimum and maximum transaction times for ALL transactions. With our competitors, when you combine one command that takes 30 seconds with a million others, everything looks fine. But the one command that took 30 seconds is a failure, and VirtualWisdom knows it. And so will you.

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