A Better Approach to IT Infrastructure Analysis

Cross-domain correlation speeds application delivery

by Scott Cleland, Director, Product Marketing

Remember this?

If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.  The need to possess “the right tool for the job” is now more apparent than ever before when it comes to IT infrastructure management, optimization and governance.

Managing IT infrastructure comes with unique challenges:

  • The challenge to provide performance guarantees and ensure application delivery, accessibility and availability based on ever more demanding SLAs.
  • The challenge to assess new technology while protecting your current investments and leveraging your hired skill sets.

Vendor configuration/monitoring tools are, for the most part, a “set it and forget it” scheme.  This is great when you need visibility into capacity usage, resource allocation and overall macro health of your storage environment.  Or maybe apply some advanced diagnostics to attempt a performance issue resolution.  There are, however, some major issues with the tools systemically used by many enterprise companies. Often these enterprise companies adopt free device monitoring tools that come as add-ons with the infrastructure products they purchase. This frequently leads to unnecessarily long problem resolutions and confusing up-the-chain dashboards for data center health and application performance.  Vendor supplied tools force companies into “vendor lock-in” strategies.  Which, in large part can lead to a “trust the vendor” shotgun approach, when problems arise, and prohibits or delays true problem resolution.

Vendor lock-in is when a company continually selects a primary supplier and quickly finds that supplier’s technology not only dominates their IT landscape, but can have compatibility challenges with systems produced by other suppliers.  When businesses become locked in to a vendor, moving to new technology can be very complex and costly, and involve a large IT and business overhaul.

A better strategy is to find a neutral vendor product that, not only, provides end-to-end infrastructure health and performance monitoring, but does so on wired-data line rates capturing every packet and frame “on the wire” in real-time to help capture, correlate and, with applied analytics, solve issues before they grow into application slowdowns or even data center outages.

Virtual Instruments has this heritage and DNA and has helped many of the largest companies producing and providing the most critical application data to leading industries across the globe. Our platform will help organizations:

  • Optimize deployment decisions based on your application workloads
  • Eliminate the guesswork to solve all performance problems, not just some
  • Confidently collaborate across silos and eliminate finger pointing
  • Stop the proliferation of device-specific monitoring tools

And, oh yeah, remember the hammer analogy?  Virtual Instruments provides a tool belt that also has a drill (ProbeVM), a screwdriver (ProbeFC, ProbieNAS), a tape measure (Analytics), and much, much more…

We help enterprises achieve precision infrastructure analysis every day—independent of vendor, application or cloud deployment.  Check out our latest case studies, product benefits and acclaimed professional services to learn more.