Announcing VirtualWisdom 6.1

By Ravi Prakash, Director Product Marketing

The VirtualWisdom team is proud to announce the general availability of VirtualWisdom 6.1, our AIOps enabled Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring platform.


VirtualWisdom 6.1

“Entity-centric” Approach

While the APM and IPM industry just woke up to the importance of an “entity-centric approach” to view systems in terms of business outcomes, Virtual Instruments adopted an application-centric and entity centric approach about 4 years ago!  All we can say is: We welcome the validation!

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPs)

While monitoring vendors scramble to embrace the label AIOps, VirtualWisdom has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to correlate big-data across infrastructure silos for some time.  This enables small IT Ops teams to use VirtualWisdom to manage application-specific infrastructure issues spanning compute, switching and storage in sprawling datacenters.  Our purpose-built ML based Analytic Advisors like VM Coordinator, Trend Matcher, Queue Solver, Capacity Forecaster.

New functionality introduced in version 6.1 is around the following areas:

Predictive Capacity Management

  • Capacity Forecast Alarm

Actionable warning before a capacity threshold for compute, networking or storage is reached.

  • Capacity Forecast in the proactive role-based dashboard

While we have had analytics like VM Coordinator, Balance Finder, Storage Port Balancer in our proactive role-based Dashboards, now you also get capacity specific recommendations from our Capacity Forecaster in the Dashboard.

  • Capacity Forecast for enterprise storage

While we have had the ability to forecast capacity for Dell EMC VxFlex OS and VMware vSAN, now we can forecast capacity for Dell EMC VMAX, PowerMax, Isilon and IBM SVC.

Automated Investigations for a Run-book Style Approach to Root-cause Analysis

  • Application Workload Drift

An out-of-the-box Investigation that looks for a change in a workload profile which could be a symptom of changes in response times of a business-critical application.

  • Dell EMC VxFlex OS cache evictions

An out-of-the box Investigation that tracks increases in evictions of cache which could be a symptom of a heavy writer to the Dell EMC VxFlex OS cluster.

Proactive Role-based Dashboard Evolution

  • Top N Dynamic Chart Linking

Propagate entities from one top N chart to another with dynamic updates for criteria like time ranges.

And a whole lot more!  Want to see it all for yourself? REQUEST DEMO

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