The Amazon Cloud Storage Failure is Why Many Enterprises Keep Their Storage On-prem

By Jim Bahn, Senior Director of Product Marketing

The Amazon Cloud Storage Failure is why many enterprises keep their storage on-prem.

When we ask many of our long-time customers about when they are going to move their business or mission critical apps to the cloud, they often point to stories like this S3 outage and simply say “not this year.” Amazon Web Services is an amazing story and a great solution for many applications. But if your application is customer-facing or revenue-producing, do you want to cede control to a third party? In reading the comments to the story, I had to laugh because someone wrote, “There is no cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer.”

We’ve built a great business by helping enterprises maintain availability and performance of their top tier applications. If you found yourself reading about the latest AWS outage, and you have an application that worries you, check out this 5-minute video about the success one of our typical customers had with on-prem storage and monitoring by VirtualWisdom.