“A strong move:” industry reactions to Load DynamiX-Virtual Instruments merger

By Len Rosenthal, CMO of Virtual Instruments

When we announced last week that Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX were merging, the industry responded with comments about the obvious synergy between the two companies. That sentiment echoed internal feelings about the deal, which will deliver benefits for our partners, and the industry overall.

Below is a roundup of reactions from analysts, journalists and our own executives:

SiliconANGLE: “The new outfit is poised to hit the ground running…”
In “Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX merge, raise $20M to form new monitoring juggernaut,” writer Maria Deutscher notes that the immediate beneficiaries of the merger are the “several hundred existing customers, which have apparently been asking for the functionality rather insistently in run-up to the news.”

451 Research: “…an end-to-end infrastructure management platform…”
In an analysis of the merger titled, “Load DynamiX and Virtual Instruments merge to secure funding, boost product development,” analysts Henry Baltazar and Scott Denne note that “synergy is the key word here…”

LinkedIn: Our chief marketing officer and chief technology officer dig into the deal
Speaking of synergy, Len Rosenthal, VP of marketing for Load DynamiX, talks about the unique relationship between the two companies in a post on LinkedIn titled, “Load DynamiX-Virtual Instruments merger brings me back to my routes.” Elsewhere on LinkedIn, CTO John Gentry wrote about the benefits our customers will reap from the merger. Check out what he has to say in “Load DynamiX and Virtual Instruments: a customer-driven merger.” 

Channelnomics: “The channel could be a beneficiary…”
Clive Longbottom, founder of analyst firm Quocirca, tells this U.K. publication that the merger brings together the best qualities of our companies. The result for our partners? “…the pair’s channel partners could be better off working with the combined entity.”

Network World: “It’s a strong move for both companies…”
Network World’s Jon Gold spoke with 451 Research Analyst Henry Baltazar, who said the merger is an “interesting move…that both companies needed.” The article, titled “Load DynamiX and Virtual Instruments merge, and not a moment too soon,” touches on the leg up the new Virtual Instruments will have in a market that is in flux.

SearchStorage: “…(the merger) give(s) customers a more complete picture of their current and future storage performance.”
Dave Raffo’s article, “Virtual Instruments taps into Load DynamiX, storage analytics” provides a brief history of both companies and our products. Raffo quotes CEO Philippe Vincent on the impact on product development: “By combining the two products, we end up several years ahead [in development work],” he said.

Taneja Group blog: “Load DynamiX and Virtual Instruments merge: the customer wins”
That headline says it all, from our perspective. Drilling down, Arun Taneja writes on the analyst firm’s blog:

“In reality any large IT shop today needs both visibility into the infrastructure and the ability to plan for future workloads and changes to workloads. IT operators need to manage what they have and architects need to plan for upcoming workloads. These are two sides of the same coin and if the same vendor can provide solutions for both, the solutions are likely to be more synergistic. This is why this merger makes infinite sense.”


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