SolutionsIPM for the Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Computing Environments

Infrastructure Performance Management — Defined

Infrastructure Performance Management is the ability to continuously capture, correlate and analyze in real-time, the system-wide performance, utilization and health of heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud computing environments”. Ultimately, IPM enables IT to establish and maintain the service levels the business requires while driving the systems level optimization and agility that is the promise of virtualization and the cloud.

The Challenge

The exploding growth of Big Data, Storage, Servers, Mobile Applications, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and Social Media are putting enormous pressures on Enterprise IT. Compounding this challenge are the exponential increases in storage requirements, mobile data, IP traffic and servers which fuel advances in new technologies. The key driver behind all of these trends is demand for anytime/anywhere application access and flawless performance—from any device. The result is a never-ending pace of rapid transformation, and explosive increase in complexity and risk. The demand to deliver “dial-tone” 24x7 service levels that align with business demands for availability and performance are creating a “new normal” for mission-critical IT infrastructures.


Managing the New "Normal"

Current IT infrastructures are at a point where the entire system, from server to storage fabric and storage arrays have all been virtualized and abstracted to the extent that clear visibility into performance and issue resolution are on-going challenges. As data center multi-vendor, multi-layer architectures perpetually change, views from the user, administrator and application are increasingly de-coupled from the actual physical architectures. As a result, a clear and unbiased understanding (of the physical infrastructures, the applications dependent on them, and how they are performing) is difficult to achieve.  Moreover, this “new normal” state makes it nearly impossible to manage with confidence and authority. These circumstances are creating inherent gaps in visibility that must be addressed in order to guarantee performance and availability.


Trying to manage through this complexity forces the device-specific management tools of yesterday to change. In the past, management tools focused on capacity, utilization and management of individual physical components. With the move to Virtualization and new deployment models, Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) have been trying to extend and fill-in for what’s missing. The challenge is that neither delivers a holistic view of the underlying IT infrastructure. So, between all of these tool sets that address device, application and network performance, there is still a huge gap in understanding system-wide performance. This necessitates an Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform for assuring performance optimization, risk mitigation and sustainable SLA’s.

The Solution

Virtual Instruments' VirtualWisdom is the industry leading IPM platform for customers’ physical, virtual and private cloud computing environments. VI’s customers all have a fundamental reliance on the performance and availability of the infrastructure supporting their most critical revenue-generating or customer-facing applications.

The VirtualWisdom platform continuously captures, persists and correlates real-time heterogeneous data—including performance, utilization and health metrics—in an unbiased manner. It provides an authoritative view of system-wide infrastructure performance, from Virtual Machine, to server, to switch fabric, to storage array to LUN.

With VirtualWisdom customers ensure that they deliver the required levels of reliability and performance their business relies upon, especially as they virtualize and cloud-enable those mission critical workloads.

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