VirtualWisdomSANInsight TAP Patch Panel System

Real-Time Monitoring of the Physical Layer

VI-Icon-TAP-Patch-Panel.gif Rapid increases in both the operating speeds and general complexity of constantly growing SAN technologies, exacerbated by the high change rates demanded of enterprise IT organizations, significantly increase demands on the fiber optic physical layer. Physical layer maintenance requires the ability to quickly and easily add, change, or remove links and devices. Physical layer monitoring is the real-time acquisition of error, performance, and utilization data via Traffic Access Points, or TAPs. Monitoring ensures the accuracy of the changes and validates that they produce only the desired results. Physical layers that address both requirements enable the Fibre Channel SANs operating on top of them to be iteratively optimized for maximum availability, performance, and utilization.

Fiber optic cable plants make broad use of patch panels, which simplify changing device connections to pre-installed cabling, to improve maintainability. But while the tremendous value of passive, out-of-band monitoring is increasingly recognized, the deployment of the enabling TAPs has not yet reached the same level of ubiquity, due at least in part to the low fiber density and limited configurations of pre-existing TAP solutions.

SANInsight TAP Patch Panel System

Virtual Instruments' SANInsight TAP Patch Panel System integrates traffic access points (TAPs) with best-of-breed fiber patch components to make fiber cable plants both maintainable and monitorable. TAPs transparently provide a passive, out-of-band, full line rate copy of all traffic to Fibre Channel monitoring and diagnostic equipment, including industry-standard protocol analyzers and Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom SAN Performance Probe real-time monitoring devices. Installing TAPs when the physical layer is initially deployed provides immediate monitoring access for both tactical troubleshooting and more proactive performance, capacity, and cost optimization, uniting both physical layer and SAN best practices. The TAP Patch Panel System provides a broad range of streamlined options for implementing TAPs into both new and existing cable plants.