VirtualWisdomVitual Server

Optimize Applications with In-Depth Metrics and Reporting Analysis

The VirtualWisdom Server, a component of the VirtualWisdom solution, is a both a hardware and software product that resides on a Windows server platform, controlling and collecting metrics from software probes and Fibre Channel probes. The VirtualWisdom Server co-resides with the SAN Availability Probe and Virtual Server Probe software probes. The VirtualWisdom SAN Performance Probe device sends storage traffic packet metrics to the VirtualWisdom Server every second while SAN Availability Probes and Virtual Server Probes send updates of key performance metrics at no longer than five-minute intervals. VirtualWisdom Server The VirtualWisdom Server collects end-to-end SCSI device conversations and link metrics from the SAN Performance Probe probes along with summary SAN fabric performance data and faults from the SAN Availability Probe and virtual machine utilization information from the Virtual Server Probe. Metrics are stored in a local database by the VirtualWisdom Server. Metrics are coalesced into summaries periodically, based on user-defined policies, in order to optimally manage the applications environment.