VirtualWisdomSAN Performance Probe

Measure and Analyze Your SAN

VirtualWisdom® SAN Performance Probe Fibre Channel probes analyze every packet on a Fibre Channel SAN.

The Probe receives its data from the SANInsight TAPs and views a copy of all frames, extracts the frame header and ignores the data payload. Through the frame header information, the SAN Performance Probe can ascertain all critical information about the transaction in real-time. Each SAN Performance Probe port collects and analyzes 150+ metrics/sec on critical storage traffic statistics, transmission errors, and READ and WRITE latency. The SAN Performance Probe is the only product in the industry that can measure the impact of the SAN on application response times.

SAN Performance Probes

VirtualWisdom SAN Performance Probe

The VirtualWisdom® SAN Performance Probe (Models  ProbeFC8, ProbeFC8-HD or ProbeFC8-HD48) supports Fibre Channel SANs at speeds for up to 8 Gbps. A single SAN Performance Probe can be dedicated to simultaneously monitor up to 8, 16 or 48 fibre channel links based on the model type.The solution provides detailed measurement and statistics about storage I/O traffic as it relates to an application server, storage subsystem, remote replication, virtual or other key SAN device, or application. The SAN Performance Probe detects application performance slowdowns by measuring every SCSI I/O transaction from start to finish, for both reads and writes. Exchange Completion Time (ECT) metrics are maintained for every server/volume combination (initiator/target/LUN).

The SAN Performance Probe can measure latency through wide-area networks and from servers to storage subsystems. A baseline of metrics can be created to verify that there is no impact after server OS or device firmware upgrades, zone modifications, or other changes to the SAN.

Congested storage ports can be identified from the SAN Performance Probe queue depth metrics. VirtualWisdom measures queue depth by monitoring the number of active and pending SCSI exchanges to the same target port. Overrunning storage queues can impact the performance of the entire SAN. Failing SCSI devices can be proactively detected by monitoring link errors and SCSI operation errors using the SAN Performance Probe.

Probes contain algorithms that correlate end-to-end storage traffic between a server and a storage volume. Over 150 Metrics/sec are collected and analyzed within the probes for every active Initiator/Target/LUN (ITL) nexus, including SCSI frame analysis, elapsed time from SCSI read to first data, time elapsed for each complete read or write exchange, and the number of simultaneous open exchanges. Probes also detect Fibre Channel faults, SCSI errors, and device faults. An Ethernet connection allows the probes to communicate with the VirtualWisdom Server. A summary of changed metrics is reported to the VirtualWisdom Server every second.