VirtualWisdomSAN Availability ProbeSW

A Fibre Channel SAN SNMP Port Monitor

VirtualWisdom SAN Availability ProbeSW, a component of the VirtualWisdom solutions, is a non-agent based software probe that utilizes the MIB (management information block) from Fibre Channel switches via SNMP to gather switch performance and link error statistics in a non-intrusive manner. These critical switch statistics are collected by VirtualWisdom’s Server software and presented to the user in an easy to use configurable, graphical user interface called the VirtualWisdom Dashboard.

The SAN Availability ProbeSW monitors all the ports of a particular FibreChannel switch and collects the metrics for each port, such as the number of frames and bytes, as well as the key faults for each port, such as loss of synchronization, link resets, link failures, packet discards, and CRC errors. The SAN Availability Probe calculates the throughput (in MB per second) for each port and the percentage of utilization based on link speed. These metrics are reported to the VirtualWisdom Server by each SAN Availability Probe every five minutes. A single VirtualWisdom Portal Server can support up to 120 switches.

SAN Availability Probe


  • Dramatically reduces the time to identify and resolve SAN-related problems, reducing downtime and improving IT staff productivity.

  • By highlighting over-utilized resources, helps to prevent outages and performance problems.

  • Historical trending analysis enables proactive fault identification, reducing the number of trouble tickets and reducing downtime by up to 75%

  • Enables greater data availability by proactively finding multi-path failures before they affect end users.

  • Enables greater throughput by finding opportunities to tune the use of multi-path links, ISLs, and storage virtualizers.

  • Reduces overall SAN-related capital and operating costs by identifying over-provisioned links ad helping you avoid unnecessary future expenses.