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The Leading Infrastructure Performance Management Platform

VirtualWisdom is an Infrastructure Performance Management platform. There are certain capabilities that define infrastructure performance management, among them the ability to look not just at utilization and health but the ability to look at those and correlate them to performance, true performance in real time. Subsequently, it also requires the ability to not just look at the device layer but look at the systems layer and not just drive systems layer health, but drive systems level optimization. You must have the ability to correlate utilization and health with performance and the ability to optimize not at the device layer but at the system’s layer.

The Enterprise Systems Management market is well established, but is very much a device specific and utilization-bound view of the infrastructure. It doesn’t reach into performance and there’s no ability to correlate across the system. The application performance management space stretches into the performance quadrant, and understands performance from the server to the end user, but has no visibility into the infrastructure and therefore no ability to look at the systems level and systems level optimization. Network performance management tools are very specific to the IP network and TCP IP communications which is very much less relevant to the supporting enterprise class infrastructure that applications rely on for day-to-day operation. Finally, there is the SRM or Storage Resource Management space that very device specific or offers a device level view into utilization but has no view in to performance and no ability to optimize across the system.

An infrastructure performance management solution like VirtualWisdom, looks not just at utilization and health but also performance and is able to look across the device throughout to the entire systems layer. Nearly everyone is beginning to talk about how they fit into the infrastructure performance management space, but the reality is that no one else actually has a view into true systems level performance across multiple layers in that stack. In fact, the only company today who can do it, and therefore the leader today in infrastructure performance management is Virtual Instruments.