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Virtual Instruments makes it easy to deploy VirtualWisdom performance monitoring solutions by offering a range of options to suit different physical, budget, timing, and staffing needs. VirtualWisdom can be deployed as a product, offering continuous infrastructure optimization, or as a pure service, offering many of the same benefits, but offloading the customer IT staff and freeing up the capital budget for other projects.

Comprehensive real-time infrastructure monitoring

Features: Monitoring with TAPs, hardware and software probes, plus deployment services.

Advantages: Continuous optimization of performance, utilization, and availability for mission critical applications and infrastructure. True proactive monitoring from the VM to the LUN.

Cost-optimized real-time infrastructure monitoring

Features: Monitoring with TAPS, Rovers, hardware and software probes, plus deployment services. Rovers are included to share probe ports and multiplex between Tapped switch or storage ports.

Advantages: Reduces the total cost of full-time SAN optimization with nearly the full value of implementing real-time monitoring of every SAN port. Deploying Rovers will change sampling ratios to between 2:1 or as high as 16:1.

Infrastructure health monitoring (Software-only)

Features: Monitoring with the SAN Availability Probe and deployment services.

Advantages: Full-time SAN health monitoring helps avoid potential SAN problems and drastically speeds problem resolution.

VMware monitoring (Software-only)

Features: VMware monitoring with the Virtual Server Probe and deployment services. Can be added to the SAN monitoring solutions or offered standalone.

Advantages: Generally combined with one or both of the SAN monitors, enables full-time I/O analysis from the VM to the LUN, to help de-risk moving mission critical applications to virtual environments.

Tapping the physical infrastructure

Features: Involves only installing TAPs as the 1st step to accelerating problem resolution. Typically, TAPs are deployed simultaneously with all new storage and SAN switch installations and upgrades.

Advantages: By installing TAPs when new SAN and storage infrastructure is deployed, you are ensured that your infrastructure will not be disturbed when advanced troubleshooting is required.


SOS-4-IPM Emergency Troubleshooting

Features: Designed for enterprises running mission-critical applications who are struggling with immediate SAN performance or availability issues.

Advantages: Delivers the full troubleshooting capabilities of the VirtualWisdom product solution, combined with the extensive hands-on experience of Virtual Instruments SAN experts.