VirtualWisdomDashboard and Views

What You Can't See Can Hurt You

VirtualWisdom Dashboard offers a real-time summary display, in a single-view console, that provides an overview of physical and virtual infrastructure performance and faults, based on the metrics available from installed Virtual Instruments hardware (VirtualWisdom SAN Performance Probe) and software probes (SAN Availability Probe, Virtual Server Probe). The dashboard is almost infinitely configurable with what we call “widgets,” or custom representations of the available metrics.

VirtualWisdom Dashboard

The easy-to-use VirtualWisdom Dashboard can be installed in a Network Operations Center so that administrators can quickly determine the health of the virtual infrastructure and SAN at a glance, identify the top ten servers/applications and view their overall performance.

VirtualWisdom Views

VirtualWisdom Views

VirtualWisdom Views is the GUI that allows users to access the VirtualWisdom performance and utilization metrics and alerts from their workstations in the form of reports, graphs, and tables. This powerful and flexible user interface is designed to support system and storage administrators in real-time root-cause analysis using VirtualWisdom for diagnosis, monitoring, and problem prevention. Views enables the monitoring and analysis of multiple Fibre Channel links simultaneously and allows the user to debug traffic problems at all levels of the protocol. Views software displays over fifteen predefined events, such as SCSI check condition, extended-link services, and link-up. Views allows the administrator to review detailed metrics in either a table or a graph view and to chart historical trends. 

The various Views include the:

  • Real-Time Table View - IT manager can quickly determine which devices are active or have become disconnected from the link.
  • Fabric View - allows the user to monitor a group of related statistics per end-device conversation and sort multiple conversations based on any metric (e.g. SCSI exchange completion times).
  • Graph View - provides real-time comparison and combination of metrics, allowing trend-of-activity comparisons for device-level or link-level analysis.

All of the Views are updated either at regular intervals or at user defined time periods of history summarizations. The Record and Playback feature of VirtualWisdom Views allows analysis and comparison of infrastructure performance and health at an alternate time and date.